Training for host of Social Dreaming


Due to Covid19 the SD training is taking place online.

The aim is to offer

- a space for experience
- a reflecting space for the development of an emerging theory
- an opportunity to think, to formulate hypothesis and to create an area of shared thinking within the community of Social Dreamers

The training consists of four modules distributed in one year. Each module will explore different aspects of SD and its application in the field.

Applicants must have experience of Social Dreaming programmes as participants and be familiar with the relevant SD literature.

The course design allows both the activation of the matrix and individual attention to each trainee, who will receive feedback from the consultants and from colleagues re: her/ his skills in hosting matrices.

On completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate of attendance and competence to host SD programmes by Social Dreaming international Network.

The next edition will start next November 2019.

Download the brochure English version - Versione italiana